From SYntagma square

450 meters away.

Just follow the Fillelinon street from Syntagma square, turn right to the Kidathineon street and at the Filomousou Eterias square turn right to the Geronta street. A few meter further is the Chatzimichali street.

From Acropolis metro station

400 meters away.

From the exit of Acropolis metro station follow straight ahead without turning the Makrigianni street and the Vyronos street. Turn right to the Lisikratous street and after a few meters turn left to Adrianou street. Follow Adrianou street until the intersection with Chatzimichali street.

From Omonoia square

1200 meters away.

Form Omonoia square metro station follow for a few meter the Stadiou street and turn right at the Aiolou street. Follow the Aiolou street straight ahead until you reach the Adrianou street and turn left. Form Adrianou street you will reach the Chatzimicali street.

From Monastiraki square

650 meters away.

From the Monastiraki metro station and Monstiraki square follow the Areos street which is in front of the Hadrian Library. After a few meters turn left to the Dexippou street and continue until you reach the Adrianou street. Just follow the Adrianou street until the intersection the Chatzimichali street.


The suggested routes are the shortest and safest.

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